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    Kahky: The Wolf "Ninja"


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    Wolf Species : 70%tundra wolf 30%red wolf
    Wolf Age: 2 and a half
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    Kahky: The Wolf "Ninja" Empty Kahky: The Wolf "Ninja"

    Post  Kahky on Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:22 pm

    Age:Two and a Half
    Rank Male Xana

    Personality:Kahky is a very soothing, calm, and serene wolf. He is not angered easily but if angered will strike in an unforgettable "Ninja Strike".

    Appearance:He has Reddish Brown fur with white accents, he has no markings but one scar, on his left side, that he got from a fight with some hunters.

    History:At birth Kunai was a normal pup but was quickly considered to be an outlaw in the pack for fighting to much. He is fast and agile, can jump extremely high, and is able to pounce off the side of trees. At once he was deemed a hunter, the youngest at that, and went out to find food he quickly encountered hunters in a giant metal monster. He led them to the pack territory and they quickly killed everyone, sad and lonely he set off to look for food, as he was walking in the forest he encountered Ice, together they created The Silver Mist Pack.

    Likes:Hunting, Fighting, Running, and Family
    Dislikes:Hunters(obviously), being hungry, loneliness, and glass.
    Strength: His "Ninja Skills", he is also a good hunter, and he has amazing eyesight.
    Weaknesses:He has a bad sense of smell, and any form of glass

    Father: Shadow was never seen

    Mother: Seqouia was too faint to remember

    Theme song:
    Crush:Has a Mate
    Mate: Ice

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