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    Ice's Biography Empty Ice's Biography

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    Name: Ice
    Age: 2
    Gender: Fae[Female]
    Rank: Female Xana
    Personality: Ice has a fair personality. She is playful and fun, though dominant and strict. She has knowledge on many things, and dislikes it when someone tries to come out and correct her every time one little thing is wrong.
    Appearance: She is white, with a strange gray circle on her forehead. The circle has a line that leads down to her nose, and she is tall, and long. She also has sapphire-blue eyes with just a small hint of green.
    History: Ice was born in a pack, which originated from a thick forest. They had a strange way of hunting, they hunted by climbing up trees to the top, and running along the top to the unexpecting prey. Her mother was half tundra wolf, half grey wolf, and her father was pure tundra. They fell in love, and gave birth to their daughter, Ice. They worried for her, they thought she was a bad omen due to her forehead marking. Many of the other pups excluded her from their small games of play. The parents of other pups despised that family and Ice, as one day one of them said to Ice's mother, "You need to get rid of that pup. She is obviously a bad omen, and the only way to get rid of bad things, is to KILL THEM" Ice overheard this conversation. She ran off away from the pack, thinking they would be better off without her. Little did she know, her mother attacked that wolf for saying what he did. Later, Ice found a friendly wolf named Midnight. They soon became good friends. They traveled a lot together, as Ice developed a sensation to climb. She was a swift climber, as she used that for strategy. Her and Midnight soon encountered a misty forest. She lost Midnight somewhere in there, but found a wolf named Kunai, the wolf who became her good friend. They soon fell in love, and became mates. Though one day, he died quietly in his sleep of an unknown cause. Ice was saddened by this, but then met a mysterious wolf named Titan, in which has a close connection to both Kunai and Ice's family. Ice is still suspicious about this wolf, for he knows things most wolves shouldn't know about another... [More to Come!]
    Friends: Kunai, Midnight
    Foes: None
    Cloud, mother, dead- Ice's Biography 418044-polar-or-tundra-wolf
    Claw, father, alive- Ice's Biography RN_Animal_Gray_Wolf_1
    Past Mate: Kunai
    Mate: None
    Crush: None
    Pups: None
    Likes: Climbing trees, spending time with friends, power, playing, fighting AND winning, and finding new places.
    Dislikes: Open plains, enemies, fighting and losing, and submission.
    Strengths: She is most powerful when she climbs the trees, she can hunt and fight from up in the trees.
    Weaknesses: Her weakness is being in open plains with no trees or cover.
    Reference: Ice's Biography Ice

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