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    The RIGHT Way to RolePlay


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    The RIGHT Way to RolePlay Empty The RIGHT Way to RolePlay

    Post  Ice on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:04 pm

    There are many ways to roleplay. Here, Roleplay is taken SERIOUSLY. It needs to be PURE realistic, there is no magic, no wings, etc. It MUST BE REAL.

    Another rule, NO POWERPLAY. Most people don't know what Powerplay is, well, its where lets say you're in a Roleplay fight with someone. You Roleplay that person, for example:

    What NOT to do: Ice pinned down ____ and he didn't get up. He didn't defend himself, so Ice bit his neck, he died.

    What TO do: Ice tried to pin down ____ and waited for his physical response.

    Finally, NO inappropriateness. That means no gore, no "making love", and no gross birthing "effects" in fact, we prefer you stay away from just RPing the birthing.

    The next rule is the structure of the role-play post. Here are the required skills:
    [list=1]You must do it in PAST TENSE. No PRESENT TENSE. If anyone does that, and either Me or Kunai are NOT on, please contact a moderator immediately.
    Third person is PREFERRED. You CAN do 1st person, but the player doing 1st person, MUST REMEMBER IT'S NOT REAL.
    This is linked to above: Role-play isn't real. If you get into a fight with someone, that doesn't mean you get in a fight with them out of Role-play. Though again, be sure there is no inappropriateness in RP. [*]

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